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Plaster and horse horse hair construction with glass eyes. Polychrome.
Polychrome is the "'practice of decorating architectural elements, sculpture, etc., in a variety of colors. The term is used to refer to certain styles of architecture, pottery or sculpture in multiple colors.

St. Francis of Assisi  (1181  -- 1226)

Feastday: October 4
Patron Saint of: Animals, Merchants, & Ecology

The most popular of the saints, Francis is beloved for his peacemaking and his way with animals.  Few realize, though, that his rejection of consumerism and joyful endorsement of simplicity – embraced by thousands of followers in his own lifetime – led to the downfall of the feudal system.  His Canticle of Brother Sun is the first written document in the Italian language.

He is also responsible for devotion to the Nativity Scene which he began in 1223.  He so worshipped his Crucified Lord that he is the first to have received on his body the marks of Christ’s wounds, the “stigmata.”

In prayer Francis heard the Lord say, “Go, rebuild my church.”    He thought it meant the restoration of an abandoned chapel.  Never did he imagine he and his friend St. Clare would have an impact on society that would last 800 years.



Saint Francis' Vocation Prayer

Most High, Glorious God,enlighten the darkness of our minds.Give us a right faith, a firm hope and a perfect charity, so that we may always and in all things act according to Your Holy Will. Amen.

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